Zhejiang Normal University

Computer Science and Technology


Entry Requirements

1. Applicant should be aged between 18 and 35 (born after September 1, 1988);

2. Applicant should be non-Chinese citizens with valid regular foreign passport and be friendly to China;

 *Residents of China who have emigrated to a foreign country and who are now applying to study in China as international students must have held a valid foreign passport for at least 4 years, and must have actually resided in a foreign country for at least 2 years in the past 4 years (as of April 30, 2023). (9 months of residence in a foreign country may count as a full year. The dates of the entry and exit stamps in the passport will be followed in the determination of the actual length of foreign residence).

3. Applicant should hold a bachelor diploma with a satisfactory academic record;

4. Language requriement:

 (1).applicant who apply for Chinese taught programs should be HSK level 4 or above.

 (2). Master of Translation Program offers specialty in English-Chinese, Japnese-Chinese translation;

 *English-Chinese translation specialty requires: TOEFL score above 80 or IELTS above 5.5;

 *Japnese-Chinese translation requires: JSPT 2 or JLPT 2.

 *Both specialties requires HSK5.

 (3). Foreign Language and Literature program offers specialty in English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, French language and literature, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics,foreign language curriculum and teacher education;

 *language requirement for specialty of English langauge, literature and foreign linguistics and applied linguistics,foreign language curriculum and teacher education: TOEFL score above 80 or IELTS above 5.5;

 *Japnese language and literature requires: JSPT 2 or JLPT 2.

 *French language and literature requries:la spécialité Langue et Littérature Françaises doit avoir le niveau B2 d’après le CECRL

 * All specialties requires HSK5.

5. Applicant should have no criminal record and no drug addiction history;

6. Aplicant should be in good health and have no serious infectious diseases.

Your Chance to Get Admitted

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Sep 10 , 2024
·Duration: 3 Years
Teaching Language : Chinese
Application Deadline: Jul 31 , 2024
Tuition : RMB 22,000 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 82 ( (Check Policy)
Service Fee: USD 54 (Check Policy)
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